Roja Fusion

    (Antarctic, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Tyrone Ford

This series tells the tale of four teenagers and their adventures with the Roja Cube, a magical, ancient box with the power to traverse dimensions. The teens are Joe Hayabusa, Kara Alexa, Marie Attukz, and the dual personalities of Amy and Trisch. Amy and Trisch share the same mind. Amy controls the mind when pure and innocent thoughts dominate them. Trish is in control when angry or dirty thoughts are the subject.

Because of the cube’s power, an evil ruler of a race of humanoids known as the Gardarians, desires it. Empress Dalvinous and her right hand man, General Garv, relentlessly pursue the teens. While trying to figure out the secrets of the cube, Joe is transported to a dimension known as Analon, where he meets the girls. He brings them back to Earth with him, but the Empress and the General are in hot pursuit.

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