Epic Anthology

    (Epic, 2004)
ô and © Epic Comics

Ah, Marvelís ill-fated Epic line! Mark Millar and Terry Dodsonís Trouble was the imprint-launching title, but things didnít work out as planned. So, Phantom Jack went to Image, and Sleepwalker, Young Ancient One, and Strange Magic were folded into this anthology one-shot. Honestly, itís a pretty mixed bag. Sleepwalker sees the return of the guardian of the Mindscape, the realm between dreams and reality. Young Ancient One reveals the heretofore unknown martial arts adventures of the wizened mage who trained Doctor Strange. And then, thereís Strange Magicóan intriguing witchís brew set in New Orleans, Louisiana.

ó Thomas Moudry

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Sleepwalker, Young Ancient One, and Strange Magic storiesRobert Kirkman, Rob Worley, Jason HendersonKhary Randolph, Andy Kuhn, Greg Scott