Hellboy Jr. Halloween Special

 HJHS   (Dark Horse, 1997)

™ and ©1997 Mike Mignola

(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

In which Bill Wray, Stephen DeStefano, Hilary Barta, Dave Cooper and, of course, Mike Mignola conjure up a stomach-churning Halloween concoction of cautionary tales. The art throughout is gorgeous, with De Stefano’s “tribute” to Harvey Comics particularly memorable. That said, the stories, mostly written by Wray, are shockingly unpleasant, and sensitive souls would be well advised to give it a wide berth. ~DAR

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Hellboy Jr. pinup; Wraparound coverBill Wray, Mike MignolaDave Cooper, Hilary Barta, Mike Mignola, Stephen DeStefano, Bill Wray, Kevin Nowlan