Babe 2

 BAB2   (Dark Horse, 1995)

™ and ©1995 John Byrne

John Byrne (Sensational She-Hulk, Wonder Woman) seems to have a thing for strong, dominant women. In this two-issue sequel to Babe, Byrne sends his buxom title character to the bowels of the earth, tearing off layer after layer of her clothing on the way down.

Bernice O’Donnell, one of Babe’s component personalities from the original mini-series, just wanted some groceries, but an attack by a horde of cybernetic alligators somehow triggered Babe’s reformation. She struggled valiantly (“Pretty gutsy…[for a] housewife with three kids and a husband and a mortgage”), but the techno-lizards drag her down to the lair of The Shrewmanoid. He thinks Babe is somehow connected to Ann O’Brien (of Monkeyman and O’Brien), who has spurned his amorous advances. (All the guy wanted was to create future generations of little Shrewmanoids, but n-o-o-o…). Can Babe survive long enough to stop the advance of his reptile army?

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Versus Shrewmanoid; Versus CyborgatorsJohn ByrneJohn Byrne


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Painted Cover; Versus Shrewmanoid; Versus CyborgatorsJohn ByrneJohn Byrne