Hell, Michigan

 HELT   (Funnel Cloud 9, 2005)

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Hell, Michigan, the second of two titles getting Funnel Cloud 9 off the ground in June is not as good as the company’s other title, Genie. That’s the downside. The upside is that it does have the potential for a good story. The plot is simple: There’s Evil (with a capital “E,” right here) in Hell, Mich., and there is only a smattering of residents who have managed to outwit and resist the mind–controlling violent machinations of said evil. Protagonists Dixon and Diana Cole have even managed to elude possession (and death) for five years.

While the story is enjoyable enough, the dialogue could use a kickstart to avoid clichés, such as the priest who addresses those with whom he’s having a conversation as “child.” The art is decent but won’t wow many readers. That said, Hell still gets two out of four stars. The premise is interesting and has potential, and the photo cover by Luke Ellison is spooky–cool. Readers will want to keep an eye on this series to see where Jolley & Co. take it from here.

— Ray Sidman

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