Secret Files: The Strange Case

 SFTC   (Angel, 1997)

™ and © 1997 Adam Post

A two-person team that investigates strange occurrences and phenomena. But unlike The X-Files’ Scully and Mulder, sisters Sabrina and Susanna Sorenson are former FBI agents, and their private cases, involving aliens, ancient curses, and other unexplained events, are most noteworthy for the fact that the voluptuous pair seem to spend an awful lot of time taking showers or getting in and out of their clothes. Sometimes they do in fact get abducted by aliens, but their memories of these incidents are usually hazy. Flashbacks presented to readers, however, typically involve the girls naked and in some sort of soft-core sex scene.

In short, this Angel Entertainment series, published in black-and-white, seems to be about somewhat more, or less, than mysterious phenomena, as it is primarily interested in highlighting the bodies of its heroines.

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