The Grim Ghost

    (Atlas, 1975)

An arch-villain from the depths of hell, the Grim Ghost dispatches the vilest of criminals to his master, Satan. Formerly a highway robber in the 1700s, the Grim Ghost, then also known as Matthew Dunsinane stops and robs sixty-seven carriages and kills eighteen men. But one of his more beautiful and clever victims lures the Grim Ghost into her bedroom, where he is captured. Hanged for his crimes, Dunsinane goes to Hell where he manages to negotiate a deal with the Devil. Transported into the 20th Century, the Grim Ghost now dispatches the Devil’s due directly to him, before the sinners have a chance to recant and be forgiven.

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3 copies available from $4.00
1st Appearance of Grim Ghost (Matthew Dunsinane); Origin of Grim Ghost (Matthew Dunsinane)Michael FleisherErnie Colón


6 copies available from $2.00
2nd Appearance of Grim Ghost (Matthew Dunsinane)Michael FleisherErnie Colón


5 copies available from $2.49
Final issueTony IsabellaErnie Colón