Chopper: Earth, Wind & Fire

 CEWF   (Fleetway Quality)

Fleetway Quality

This series originally appeared in Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 1) #1–6. It stars Marlon Shakespeare (“Chopper”), a retired skysurfer. Once he had burned his way to the top of the SuperSurf competition. It was a moment of divine freedom in the bleak world that followed the nuclear war. That was before SuperSurf Eleven, when the competition erupted with bullets and bloodshed. Somehow Chopper survived the carnage, but he decided to get as far away from the surfing circuit as possible.

He went to Australia to live among the aborigines. Unfortunately, there was nowhere he could run to escape the watchful eye of the malevolent Stig Corporation. Stig had found a way to harness earth energies—literally creating earthquakes to use against its enemies—and had decided to use Australia as a testing ground. Along the way, they decided the time was right to settle an old score against Chopper.

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