The Nevermen

 NEVE   (Dark Horse, 2000)

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The mysterious men in trench coats, The Nevermen, made their first appearance in Dark Horse Presents #148-150 before starring in this four issue mini-series written by Phil Amara (Star Wars Tales) with the distinct, gritty stylings of Guy Davis (Sandman Mystery Theatre).

Strange mechanics and the criminal element collide when The Nevermen must find one of their own who has gone missing. However, a missing comrade proves to be the least of their worries when it is discovered that the villain known as Clockwork is scheming to disrupt time, thereby sending the world into complete chaos. Now, The Nevermen must seek the assistance of The Murderist and the beautiful Ms. Lockhart if they are to save the world. Of course, they’ll have to battle the League of Crows and the bizarre squid-headed crime boss Honshu along the way.

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