The Foozle

    (Eclipse, 1985)
ô and ©1985 John Wooley and Terry Tidwell
Series numbering continued form Capín Quick & a Foozle #2

Reminiscent of a Rorshach blot, the Foozle blends a mix of genres and styles together, creating something of comic that relies on the eye of the beholder. Part sci-fi space adventure, part super-hero misadventure and part parody of both, the Foozle is the adventure of the creature known as the Foozle in a world that neither trusts nor understands him.

Later teamed with the young Capín Quick and populated by colorful and imaginative characters, the Foozle is a little-known gem from the same off-beat source as Dreadstar and Heavy Metal.

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Reprints original Foozle Story in color; Numbering continued form Capín Quick & a Foozle #2Steve Englehart, John WooleyMarshall Rogers, Terry Tidwell