Captain Paragon

 CAPP   (AC, 1983-1984)

ô Americomics, ©1983 AC Comics

From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide:

Returned to life after 30 years in suspended animation, an old hero searches for information about his past and meaning in his present. Itís all a bit predictable and run-of-the-mill, though. ~HS

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6 copies available from $1.50
 Bill Black, Dan St. John, Greg Guler, Phil White, Mark Heike, Ken Mitchroney, Mark CantrellDon Secrease, Greg Guler, Mark Heike, Ken Mitchroney, Pat Broderick


3 copies available from $1.50
 Dan St. John, Capricorn Silver, Ken MitchroneyGreg Guler, Ken Mitchroney


5 copies available from $1.99
ca. 1984Dan St. JohnGreg Guler


5 copies available from $2.00
Final issue; ca. 1985Dan St. John, Greg Guler, Tom KokengeGreg Guler, Kevin Dzuban