Flesh & Blood: Pre-Existing Conditions

 FBPC   (Blindwolf, 1996)

™ and ©1986 Franco Aureliani and Gary Brown

Delnor Blood is tall, dark, and handsome—and deadly. For the aptly named Blood is also a vampire, albeit one with some semblance of a soul, since he tends to prey upon criminals in the seediest part of the city. Of course, the path he walks is a dangerous one, which will bring him into contact not only with other vampires but also those who prey upon them. Case in point: the beautiful but also deadly scantily clad woman who slinks across the pages of the various “Flesh & Blood” series, taking time here and there to have sex with other vampires—who she then slays—and to luxuriate in the shower. Certainly their paths will cross before long….Who will survive it?

This mini-series is published in black-and-white by Blindwolf Comics, and features a couple of characters strikingly similar in appearance to those published by other companies.

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 Franco Aureliani, Gary Brown, Wayne A. HaroldBud Larosa, Franco Aureliani, Joseph Tomasini