Trinity Troopers

    (Airwave, 2004)
™ and © Airwave Comics

Fights at school, unhappy kids, police cars everywhere: there’s trouble in Mytown and it’s bringing people down. Back at tree house command, Eric, Danny, Charity, and Skye pray to Jesus for guidance. Fortunately, a listening angel ferries their prayers to God himself. God dispatches Gabriel to Mytown to help the kids get started on their righteous mission. So are born the Trinity Troopers.

The prevalent emphasis on darkness, tragedy, and adult themes in most mainstream and alternative comics leaves the field wide open for kids’ books incorporating old–fashion values and faith–based morality. Christian titles like Trinity Troopers will doubtless meet parent–approval and find an audience in the ever–expanding Christian–oriented media market. Aimed at pre–tweens, Trinity Troopers features appealing cartoon style illustration and contemporary writing flavor by husband/wife team Gary and Rebekah Smith.

— Leland Burrill

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 Gary Smith, Rebekah SmithGary Smith, Rebekah Smith