DC Universe Holiday Bash

 DUHB   (DC, 1997-1999)

™ and ©1997 DC Comics

(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Yuletide tales of the DC Universe, with all the predictable names (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash et al.) in unnecessarily sentimental stories. Honorable exceptions to the glopfest are Ty Templeton’s two hilarious short tales featuring the Demon (1997) and Darkseid (1998), and Howard Chaykin and Rick Burchett’s rather lovely “I Left My Heart at the Justice Society Canteen” (1998), which manages to be nostalgic and evocative without going over the top ~HS.

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3 copies available from $2.00
Preview edition; Holiday Special 1996David Michelinie, Walt Simonson, Denny O’Neil, Ty Templeton, Michael Jan Friedman, Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, Jim AparoGraham Nolan, Sal Buscema, Jesse Delperdang, Ty Templeton, Roger Robinson, Paul Ryan, Jim Aparo


5 copies available from $3.50
Holiday special 1997; Prestige formatDevin Grayson, Chuck Dixon, Ty Templeton, Tony Isabella, Dan Jurgens, Howard Chaykin, Brian StelfreezeWill Rosado, David Taylor, Ty Templeton, Eddy Newell, Dan Jurgens, Rick Burchett, Russ Heath, Brian Stelfreeze


5 copies available from $3.25
Holiday Special 1998Karl Kesel, Chuck Dixon, Eric Luke, Scott Beatty, Mark Waid, Devin GraysonDavid Taylor, Klaus Janson, Joe Staton, Cedric Nocon, Gordon Purcell, Damion Scott, Enrique Alcatena, Craig Rousseau, Sergio Aragonés