Domination Factor: Avengers

 DOFA   (Marvel, 1999-2000)

™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

A mysterious golden apple, a gift to the President of the United States, is destroyed, causing time to stand still for everyone and everything in the Marvel Universe—everyone except the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange. An evil force has disrupted the timeline and the only way it can be restored is if Dr. Strange sends the minds of the Avengers back in time to recover different pieces of the apple before it can be destroyed. But where Strange sends Earth’s mightiest heroes are not always the most advantageous places and times. Thus, Iron Man ends up in the body of Tony Stark during his bout with alcoholism; Scarlet Witch finds herself back in a body damaged by a gunshot wound and in league with Magneto. Other Avengers end up in similar straits. Can they prevail? Writer and artist Jerry Ordway (Power of Shazam) weaves one of the most engaging cross-time capers in years, giving die-hard Marvel fans a chance to revisit some of the most dramatic epochs in Marvel history.

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18 copies available from $1.00
Says 1.2 on cover; 1 in indicia; Cover forms diptych with Domination Factor: Fantastic Four #1Jerry Ordway, Glenn HerdlingJerry Ordway, Gregg Schigiel


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Says 2.4 on cover; 2 in indiciaJerry OrdwayJerry Ordway


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Says 3.6 on cover; 3 in indiciaJerry Ordway, Glenn HerdlingJerry Ordway, Gregg Schigiel


6 copies available from $1.00
Says 4.8 on cover; 4 in indiciaJerry OrdwayJerry Ordway