FREV   (Acclaim, 1995)

ô and © 1995 Acclaim Comics, Inc. and Western Publishing Co.

Whatís the best way to sell anything to people? Give them a taste of it for free. Thatís the concept behind this free preview magazine published by Acclaim Comics and featuring a handful of pending series starring Valiantís greatest heroes.

For example: X-O Manowar, by Bart Sears. Bloodshot, by Norm Breyfogle. Solar, Man of the Atom by Dan Jurgens. These and other of the companyís greatest heroes get the black-and-white, three-page treatment in this freebie, with little snippets of action and excitement that were probably pretty effective in selling the books, for all of them are talented, name creators. It didnít do much to help the companyís longevity or lasting success, but at least the writers and artists, for the most part, moved on to other things.

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 Jeff Gomez, Ron Marz, Tim Truman, John Ostrander, Dan Jurgens, Kevin VanHook, Dan AbnettBart Sears, Norm Breyfogle, Val Mayerik, Rags Morales, Paul Gulacy, Dick Giordano, Bernard Chang, Andy Lanning, Raphael Kayanan