The Zero Patrol (1st Series)

 ZEP1   (Continuity, 1984-1985)

©1984 Continuity Publishing Inc.

What would you do if you were suddenly confronted by an alien craft, with nothing but an open door to show its intentions? For five very different people, the answer is, without hesitation, the same. They all enter the alien ships, and are collectively confronted by the mysterious being known only as “Zero.”

Zero needs their aid to stop an advanced robot culture that has already destroyed his planet, and has targeted Earth as their next conquest. Once victorious, all five choose to remain with Zero, and aid him on his journey through space.

Although Zero Patrol story boasts writing and art by Neal Adams, it is based on an earlier work by Esteban Maroto, which was only presented in Spanish. Neal Adams provides the backup stories, drawing on other characters from Continuity Comics as well as his own early work.

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1st Appearance of The Zero Patrol; Origin of The Zero PatrolNeal Adams, Esteban MarotoNeal Adams, Esteban Maroto


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 Esteban Maroto, Neal AdamsEsteban Maroto, Neal Adams