Cosmic Boy

 COSB   (DC, 1986–1987)

™ and ©1986 DC Comics, Inc.

Rokk Krinn is a member of the Legionnaires, a team of super-heroes in the far-distant future. As the story begins, he is stalked not by some cosmic super-villain, but by a mere mortal named Lydda Jath. Lydda had developed a crush on Rokk and had gotten her bio-engineer father to scrape up some limited super-powers for her so she could join the Legionnaires as well. After a few months, in a new identity as Night Girl, she couldn’t compete and the Legionnaires rejected her—but she had gotten what she wanted—Rokk, a.k.a. Cosmic Boy.

When the Time Institute borrows a time bubble, Cosmic Boy and Night Girl decide to vacation in the 20th Century together. Unfortunately, something goes terribly wrong during the trip and they end up on an Earth where super-heroes like themselves are almost universally despised!

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Legends Spin-Off; Part 4Paul LevitzKeith Giffen, Ernie Colón


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Legends Spin-Off; Part 8Paul Levitz, Keith GriffienErnie Colón, Keith Giffen


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Legends Spin-Off, Part 13Paul LevitzKeith Giffen, Ernie Colón


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Versus Time TrapperPaul LevitzKeith Giffen, Ernie Colón