Viking Glory—The Viking Prince

    (DC, 1995)
™ and ©1995 DC Comics

Brash and headstrong, prideful and immature, handsome and daring, young Jon Gallund possesses all the traits required of the future King of the Vikings. But when he travels across the seas to meet his future queen, the beautiful and intelligent Asa, he learns that there is more to being a man than winning fights and bedding serving girls. Far from home, he must learn to deal with the realities of politics and ruling, as well as the mysteries of the heart.

But he is still a Viking prince, and the call of adventure must be answered when it is heard. To secure his marriage to Asa, Jon must journey to the forbidding Isle of Ice, and return with the legendary Rune of Trondelag. Unfortunately for Jon, the frozen island is also the home of the great ice-dragon, Ansgar.

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 Lee MarrsBo Hampton

#1 Hardcover

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Ashcan #1

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ca. 1995Lee Marrs, WIll EisnerBo Hampton