KNI9   (Image, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Image Comics, Inc.

Several years before they became action heroes in Youngblood and Team Youngblood, Chapel, Battlestone and Dutch fought side by side in top-secret government missions for Operation: Knightstrike. In this series, the Knightstrike heroes find themselves teamed up with, either by circumstance or necessity, other Image action heroes such as a female Supreme, Maximage, the Newmen, and an angry, young Kid Supreme. As they battle a common enemy, the motley heroes also have to overcome their interpersonal conflicts and learn how to work as a team, no matter how unlikely that team seems to be.

Creator Rob Liefeld’s love of action with a take-no-prisoners attitude is evident as the heroes snarl, pose, and blast away at their enemies and at each other.

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Polybagged with Sentinel cardEric Stephenson, Rob LiefeldRobert Napton