Sade and Rose & Gunn: Confederate Mists

    (Bishop, 1996)
and 1996 Bishop Press

Writer Kevin Hill combines his characters Sade, a psychic, no-nonsense, assassin; and Rose and Gunn, a two-man detective agency with what must a subject of personal interest for him: the Civil War, specifically Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Hill reveals some biographical data about Forrest, attempting to make him a sympathetic character despite his status as a slaveholder and the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. No such background info is offered for Sade and Rose and Gunn whom Hill must presume are well known.

While Rose and Gunn are provoking a bar fight in Mississippi to flush out a bail-jumper, Sade has a ethereal meeting in a mist that seems to be a living entity. There she sees General Forrest still leading a charge against the Union Army. Forrest cryptically informs her that they both are involved with an old wrong that must be mended.

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