Alcide Nikopol was accused of desertion and sentenced to a frozen lifetime in space. His chance at escape comes from a deserter in the Egyptian pantheon of gods who needs a human host to accomplish his escape from their out–of–fuel spacecraft. Horus finds such a host in the frozen form of Alcide Nikopol, returning from his 20 year sentence and landing badly amidst the teeming crowds of Paris. It’s 2023, and after a couple of world wars and some out–of–control politicians, is it any wonder Nikopol is a little confused by the way things are going?

“The Carnival of Immortals”, “The Woman Trap”, and “Cold Equator” are pulled together in one volume from the brilliant mind of Enki Bilal. Begun in the 1980s, Bilal had lived in Belgrade and later Paris before beginning his artistic career in 1972 with illustrations, covers and short stories for Pilote. These three stories are considered by many to be the highlight of his work.

— Ron Black

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ca. 2004Enki BilalEnki Bilal