OVEH   (All-American, 1990)

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Everything but the kitchen sink makes an appearance in this mini-series drawn by a man whose dream is to work on Popeye, and accordingly, one of the stars of these three stories—The Lunatic Fringe, Sputnik the Spaceman, and Blatherskite—bears a striking resemblance to the legendary Sailor Man. That would be Sputnik, who meets a man in a bar who claims to have found the space ghost’s treasure, and need Sputnik’s help to retrieve it. When he agrees, madcap adventures ensue, with plenty of nods to classic pop culture. In another story, the Lunatic Fringe is a bizarre collection of bumbling heroes that become involved in a third world revolution when one of their members is captured and seduced, literally. And in a third, a vigilante hero known as the Blatherskite (an apparent cross between Bugs Bunny and Batman) battles crime in his own inimitable style.

This bizarre, offbeat comic book throws a lot of jokes at the wall, many of which stick successfully. Written by several writers but primarily put together to showcase the diverse work of artist George Broderick, Jr. Published in black-and-white by All-American Comics.

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The Lunatic Fringe story; Sputnik the Spaceman story; The Blatherskite storyRobert Kanigher, Alan Sisson, Dan TyreeGeorge Broderick Jr.


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B&WAlan Sisson, Dan Tyree, Robert KanigherGeorge Broderick Jr.