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Fink, Inc. describes their books as bold stories with inviting graphics that capture the ‘joys of youth and complexity of adulthood’. Future Fantastic features two stories about Mankind’s struggle to find its place in the universe.

“Blue Green” describes a world ravaged by decades of pollution, and a population decimated in weeks by a flu epidemic. One man’s vision of salvation leads most of the survivors to colonize giant space stations. But for his lover, that dream holds no joy, and she chooses to remain behind, though it surely means a slow and lonely death. But after a tragic accident destroys the orbiting cities, the burden of rebuilding society falls on her shoulders.

In “Go World,” Man’s incursions into space attracts Divine attention when a space satellite starts transmitting images from a Heavenly plane. The Gods, fearing Mankind’s technological progress, debate destroying Humanity and giving bugs a chance.

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