Vamps: Pumpkin Time

 VAPT   (Vertigo, 1998-1999)

™ and ©1998 Elaine Lee and Will Simpson

The Vamps—Mink, Skeeter, Screech, Howler, and Whipsnake—are a biker gang of vampires. Female vampires. And they’re ravenous. Witness the first-person narration: “Need is a hot mouth, its feverish teeth sunk into my cold, dead heart. Can’t fight it, or fill it, escape it, or hide. It’s a runaway train, babe, and you’re my passport…my ticket to ride.”

This DC/Vertigo limited series finds the hungry Vamps confronting the spirits of the dead on the streets of San Francisco on the only night of the year that they prowl—Halloween. Have these lethal ladies drained their last vein? Find out in this chilling, fun tale from Elaine Lee and Will Simpson.

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