(Bear Claw, 1993)
ô and ©1993 Jake Bear

A mysterious, black-dressed figure haunts the night in Blackwell City, disposing of contract killers right and left, much to the displeasure of crime lord Derek Crost. The police want to stop a vigilante and Crost wants to stop his best killers from continuing to be eliminated from the work force. Haunted by the death of his wife, the Knight will brave any danger to protect the innocent and destroy anyone or anything that threatens his town.

Knight was supposed to be a new series from Bear Claw Studios. An entertaining black-and-white, it apparently did not reach the sales they hoped for and ended. Kevin Hillís scripting and Jake Bearís plot and artwork were an effective combination and it would have been interesting to see where the characters went.

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 Jake Bear, Kevin HillJake Bear