Street Sharks (Mini-Series)

    (Archie, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Streetwise Designs, Inc.

Comic publishers have a long history of combining animals with people to create super-heroes. Sometimes, the results are classics: witness Spider-Man, Batman, Catwoman, and the hundreds of other such heroes. Other times, particularly with action-figure toys or cartoon television shows, the results get a little silly.

Street sharks is one of the silly ones. Evil fish and mad scientist Doctor Pirahnoid sought to alter the course of evolution to create a race of super-beings. Thus doing, he zapped four people in his “ultra-collider,” transforming them into walking, talking…man-sharks. If Pirahnoid gets his way, he’ll take the process even further, turning them into impervious begins, albeit ones whose wills are his to command. Rather than stand for this, the four sharks join with a couple of teenagers to put a stop to Pirahnoid and his gang of genetically mutated flunkies.

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Based on toy line and animated seriesMartha Mogan, Evan SkolnickNelson Ortega


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 Martha Mogan, Evan SkolnickNelson Ortega


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 Martha Mogan, Evan SkolnickNelson Ortega