Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth

    (DC, 2001)
™ and ©2001 DC Comics

Any comic book character rendered under the brush wielded by Alex Ross is practically given life…that character transcends its pulp origins, rises above the plane of ink and page, and seemingly comes within a hairs width of our own real world. Nowhere is this artistic phenomenon more dramatically demonstrated than in this best-selling series of oversized graphic novels of which Wonder Woman: Spirit Of Truth is the fourth.

Ross and writer Paul Dini craft a classic work featuring the beautiful Amazon Princess. The story is not one detailing only her struggle against evildoers, but also of her struggle with most of mortal-kind. Those—and there are many of them—who judge her by her appearance alone misinterpret or even reject her message of peace and fellowship. Wonder Woman must find a way to tear down the wall that stands between herself and the people she champions.

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