(Aircel, 1991)
and 1991 Christopher L. Weppler and Malibu Graphics, Inc.

In downtown Phoenix, Eric Brubaker and his sister Sheila are scavenging for valuables in a deserted department store. The ravaged store is emblematic of much of the world since the rise of zombies five years ago. When a group of zombies kidnap Sheila rather than simply kill her, it appears that she is destined for a more horrible fate.

Dead Walkers is horror comic with a science-fiction slant. The abundance of zombies in the world is the result of a war between two alien races and the inadvertent release of a gas which reanimated the dead.

The first issue of this 4-issue series featured alternate covers. One with a gaunt, rotting zombie in front of a blood splattered background was called the not-so-gross version. The gross version by Brooks Hagen displayed more gore and entrails.

George Haberberger

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#1 Variation A

1 copy available for $14.99
Gross cover; B&WChristopher WepplerJohn Grigni

#1 Variation B

2 copies available from $8.00
Not-so-gross cover; B&WChristopher WepplerJohn Grigni


1 copy available for $19.99
 Chris WepplerJohn Grigni


1 copy available for $7.99
 Christopher WepplerJohn Grigni


No copies available
 Christopher WepplerJohn Grigni