Vertigo Rave

    (Vertigo, 1994)
™ and ©1994 DC Comics, Inc.

This late 1994 sampler previewed more of Vertigo’s interesting collection of upcoming projects. The list begins with Mobfire, a series that mixes the supernatural with a venerable order of British gangsters.

Next comes a trio of one-shots for the Vertigo Voices series. First of them is the disturbing Face, wherein a famous artist hires a renowned plastic surgeon to create a living “masterpiece.” Grant Morrison follows with teens in search of deadly thrills in Kill Your Boyfriend. Last is Tainted, a dark tale about darker secrets.

Shadows Fall is the story of a man in search of his lost shadow. Unlike Peter Pan’s, however, this missing shadow seems intent on murder. Mr. Punch is a wonderful graphic novel by the dream team of McKean and Neil Gaiman (Sandman). The Rave closes out with previews of the current Vertigo line, plus a new Books of Magic story.

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Fall 1994; Wraparound cover; Includes previews of Vertigo line, plus new Books of Magic storyGary Ushaw, Peter Milligan, Grant Morrison, Jamie Delano, John Ney Reiber, Neil Gaiman, Eddie Campbell, Jerry Prosser, Matt WagnerWarren Pleece, Duncan Fegredo, Philip Bond, Al Davison, John Van Fleet, Dave McKean, Teddy Kristiansen, Marc Hempel, Sean Phillips, Jill Thompson, Fred Harper, Steven Seagle, Mark Buckingham, Gary Amaro