Warrior Nun vs Razor

    (Antarctic, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Antarctic Press. Razor ™ and © Everette Hartsoe

Warrior Nun Areala crosses swords with take-no-prisoners vigilante Razor in this action-packed crossover from Antarctic Press. Writer Joseph Wolfe and artist Ben Dunn serve up generous portions of butt-kicking, including a dynamic four page fight sequence between the two heroines, as each tries to find the mastermind behind a demonic murder mystery. Fans of either character will be pleased with the attention to character and background detail, including some glimpses into Areala’s warrior nun training program and a recap of her origin.

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Crossover with London Night StudiosJoseph WolfeBen Dunn

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Includes CD Soundtrack; Print run: 4,000Joseph WolfeBen Dunn