Zetraman: Revival

    (Antarctic, 1993, 1995)
™ and ©1993 Antarctic Press. Story ©1993 Steve Ross. Art ©1993 Danny Fahs.

Zetraman: Revival takes the wacky energy of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and combines it with a delightfully ludicrous storyline. Not surprisingly, it all takes place in Quagmire, U.S.A., home of Ben Dunn’s Ninja High School.

Here, the original Zetraman team finds themselves losing their powers, having exhausted their supply of Zetranite. Luckily, a fresh supply has just been stolen by Colen, a woman on the planet Arango, and in making her escape, she wound up in Quagmire. Unfortunately, Quagmire is also the scene of an incursion by the evil Zetranis, as well as the followers of L. Ron Dullard. They somehow concocted the badly-dressed “Zetraforce” consisting of Zetra Plaid, Zetra Stripe, Zetra Paisley, and Zetra Polka-Dot. Colen, meanwhile, teamed up with Quagmire residents Aleka and Terri to form Zetrawoman. It’s all confusing, goofy, and lots of fun.

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