Terrific Comics (Ajax)

    (Ajax, 1954-1955)
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Continued from Horrific #13, series continued in Wonder Boy #17

Terrific Comics was the title used for three issues as the comic previously called Horrific transitioned into the more Comic Code-friendly Wonder Boy. Characterized, like most Farrell books, by crude, derivative stories and art, Terrific served up typical post-code “mystery” fare for the first few issues before reviving nondescript golden age teen hero Wonder Boy in issue #16. This mean-spirited and simpleminded character took on typical McCarthy era bad guys (commie spies, mostly) while saving the girl and earning the unquestioned respect of the police. Introduced at a time when super-heroes were in deep decline on the comic racks, Wonder Boy was nevertheless deemed popular enough to justify the renaming of Terrific to Wonder Boy Comics with issue #17.

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Continued from Horrific #13 Marty Elkin, Don Heck, Ross Andru, Rudy Palais


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Series continued as Wonder Boy; Final Issue; Includes Statement of Ownership: Oct. 1, 1954