(Imperial, 1986)
™ and ©1986 James and Phred Jenkins

Little green men and bug-eyed monsters have long been staples of science fiction and comics. For that very reason, writer/creator Jim Jenkins decided to use them as the leads for his sci-fi, black and white book entitled Blackstar (published by Imperial Comics). Based on several short stories created by the author during his grade school years, this foray into comicdom weaves a serious story around some of the genre’s greatest clichés.

Doink Amtrac is a space freighter captain with a penchant for getting into trouble. Green, pudgy and “crotch view” in height, the hero packs quite a temper—and a punch to back it up. His loyal and ever faithful engineer Tras—an oversized, intelligent grasshopper—counters his “hot-headedness” with a logic and practicality that rivals that of Mr. Spock. Together, the two travel the galaxy in search of adventure. Rather, adventure has a strange way of finding them.

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 James Jenkins 


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