Avengelyne • Prophet

 AVGP   (Maximum, 1996)

™ and ©1997 Maximum Press

Jonathan Taylor Prophet is an immortal warrior struggling to find his destiny. Avengelyne is a fallen angel who once served in a heavenly army, now banished to earth as a punishment for her sins. This two-issue mini-series is the story of their first meeting.

Both driven by prophetic dreams, Prophet and Avengelyne make a pilgrimage to a remote Arctic wilderness. Together they discover a miraculous city in the ice, and in the city, a powerful energy source called “The Tear of God.” First thought to be the source powering the city, they soon discover it to be a deadly weapon. A weapon fellow fallen angel Michael wants to use to eradicate sin from the world—by destroying it. Not keen on this idea, Prophet and Avengelyne battle Michael and the denizens of the hidden city to destroy the device.

Fun and fast moving, this story is a cut above most “super-heroes-fight-then-team-up” comics. And surprisingly, the ending reflects blatantly traditional Christian values and religion in a manner avoided by some publishers.

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 Rob Liefeld, Robert NaptonRob Liefeld, marat Mychaels, Emir Ribeiro, Deodato Studio, Stephen Platt

#1 Variation A

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Close-up of faces on coverRob Liefeld, Robert NaptonRob Liefeld, Emir Ribeiro, Deodato Studio


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 Rob Liefeld, Robert NaptonEmir Ribeiro, Deodato Studio