Return of Shadowhawk

 REOS   (Image, 2004)

™ and © 2004 Jim Valentino

In the early days of Image Comics, the vigilante hero Shadowhawk made a bit of a name for himself because his alter ego was dying of AIDS. Ultimately, he did die in the face of a foe even superheroes can’t successfully defeat. This series relies on the concept that there have been many Shadowhawks over the centuries, stretching back to Ancient Egypt and before, and when one falls, another is chosen to take his place. That destiny lies in a young man named Eddie, who barely understands his awesome responsibility—to say nothing of the myriad voices in his head, from the Shadowhawks who have lived before.

This new era of Shadowhawk is considerably different from the previous one; where it was dark and moody, this one is lighter and colored by the wonder of having superpowers. It’s written and drawn by creator Jim Valentino.

— Andy Richardson

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