Iron Man: Crash

 IRMC   (Epic, 1988)

™ and ©1988 Marvel Entertainment Group

It is several years into the twenty-first century, and the aging Tony Stark is preparing to give the world his greatest invention: the Iron Man armor. Stark envisions a world where mass-produced copies allow a revolution in human achievement. But many, including his own advisors and retired SHIELD agent Nick Fury warn of the dangers of such power in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, their fears seem justified, as the Japanese company chosen to manufacture the copies falls silent immediately after receiving the plans. Has Stark unwittingly given Japan the ability to rearm itself using his technology?

Following up on his work on Shatter, computer artist Mike Saenz teamed up with programmer Bill Bates to create this first computer generated graphic novel. Working with a Macintosh II and custom software called Lithographer, Saenz’s creation is more advanced than Shatter, but still primitive compared to the slick computer coloring of today.

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Computer-generated art; ca. 1988Mike SaenzMike Saenz

#1 (2nd printing)

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 Mike SaenzMike Saenz