Wheel of Worlds (Neil Gaiman’s…)

    (Tekno, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Big Entertainment, Inc.

Neil Gaiman, one of the most popular comics writers of the 1990s, was commissioned to design a line of comics and characters for newcomer Tekno Comics. Gaiman’s concepts were introduced to readers in this one-shot, which presented the background of the shared universe, and related the origins of the characters.

As the stories begins, Adam Cain and Mr. Hero (a robot, or “Newmatic Man”) have traveled to the dessicated Redchapel, on an alternate Earth called Albion, in search of Mr. Hero’s lost hand. Not long after, the lizard-like ruler of worlds known as the Teknophage arrives, intent on finally humbling the pair. The only thing saving them from certain destruction is the timely appearance of Lady Justice, who spins a tale so compelling that even the almighty Teknophage is moved to spare them.

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Direct Market edition; Wraparound cover; 48 pages; Includes poster; INdicia lists cover date as April 1995James Vance, John Ney Rieber, Neil Gaiman, Rick Veitch, C.J. HendersonMichael Netzer, Ted Slampyak, Bryan Talbot, C.J. Henderson, Shea Anton Pensa, Angus McKie

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Origin of Lady JusticeBruce Jones, Ron FortierJose Delbo, Paul Abrams, Terry Beatty, Charles Barnett, Rich Buckler