Retief: Grime and Punishment

    (Adventure, 1991)
ô and ©1991 Keith Laumer

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Earth diplomat Retief is oddly fair-minded for his chosen calling, and adept at outflanking both his superiors and alien races in interplanetary dealings. A fine satire on administrative prevarication and procrastination, thereís little to fault the Mad Dog adaptations of Laumerís short stories. Theyíre working with very witty material, but Jan Strnadís writing is faithful and Dennis Fujitakeís Moebius-influenced art is ideally suited to the mix of human and alien in the stories. Well-considered and never dull, itís a testament to Fujitakeís style, considering the number of talking-heads shots required each issue. The switch of artists to Steve Vance with the Mad Dog one-shot is jarring, and the spiral downwards continues from there as less and less talented individuals come to work on the adaptations. ~WJ

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B&WKeith Laumer, Bruce BalfourDarren Goodhart