Thane of Bagarth

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Hrothelac, eldest son of Wigmenric, becomes Thane to King Beowulf upon his father’s death. The young Hrothelac, while coping with his duties as Thane, must contend with neighboring nobles who feud with him and even make false accusations against him.

Hrothelac must also survive the wicked plots of his jealous and deceptive brother Eowanda, while being distracted by a scholar’s daughter—the most beautiful woman Hrothelac has ever seen, even if she is nothing but a serf. Will noble and brave Hrothelac overcome the obstacles before him?

Issues of Thane may contain additional adventure stories. For example, the first issue includes the story “Black Flight,” a tale of knights, wizards, and unrequited love.

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 Steve SkeatesJim Aparo