(Antarctic, 1999)
ô and ©1999 Robin Bougie

Do you ever wonder what kinky sexual acts people do in the privacy of their own home? Do you worry that what you are doing might be considered unusual, or even be called deviant? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to this book, you can satisfy your morbid curiosity and analyze your own behavior at the same time.

Although the reports are dramatized for effect, they all claim to be based in fact. Many of them are documented cases, taken from actual medical and forensic reports and journals.

Of course, the problem with deviant behavior has always been who decides what is abnormal and what isnít. This comic doesnít really judge any particular behavior as wrong. It simply presents stories that are remarkable because of their rarity or because of their often fatal result.

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A Comic Book Journal of Strange Sexual Practices; Adult; B&WRobin BougieRobin Bougie