Vampire World

 VAMW   (Acid Rain, 1993)

™ and ©1993 Acid Rain Studios

The vampire queen, Lady Pietra of Castle Claudio, has established a pact with the nearby village. In exchange for the vampire’s protection from other magical creatures, such as ogres, cyclops, and demons, the villagers will willingly provide sacrificial blood victims four times a year. Even though the pact has been mutually beneficial for centuries, there is no love lost between the two factions. Pietra, in fact, has become quite bored with her role in maintaining the status quo.

So when the demonic Shiguku threatens to destroy the mountain on which Castle Claudio sits, Pietra does not hesitate to use the villagers as expendable pawns in her plan to defeat the mountain wraith. After all, she may be bored, but not even Pietra is foolish enough to risk herself against something as powerful as Shiguku.

Amid all the mythical creatures and evil plotting, is also a tragic story of love, hope, and ultimate betrayal.

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