Lost and Found Season of the Most PopeJoey (Vol. 4)

    (Abbane, 2001)
™ and ©2001 Toc Fetch

This thin comic consists of 16 intricately cross-hatched pen-and-ink drawings. In them, a girl encounters a traveller who looks suspiciously like an ermine dressed up as Logan from Wolverine. They meet on the road. He asks if she has a message. He intuits “Was it my oldest brother,” and in a final frame the universe (and presumably the reader) says, “Huh.”

This is apparently volume four of an ongoing series. Though it’s well-drawn, it seems sparse for the cost ($2.95)—a fact which the creator, Toc Fetch, seems to recognize in his back-cover explanation that he only earns about 50¢ of the purchase price.

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