Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

    (Marvel, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Marvel Entertainment Group

It all began when Logan (Wolverine) received free tickets to a Broadway show, courtesy of longtime friend and occasional sparring partner Nick Fury. During intermission, he received a note luring him outside. Once there, he was nearly incinerated by a flame-throwing cyborg. Using his uncanny sense of smell, Logan deduced that the cyborg had originated in the strange Antarctic jungle known as the Savage Land.

Unable to resist the mystery, Wolverine set off for the Savage Land. There, he was hailed as a god by the local tribe, and soon became their top hunter. An encounter with a robotic dinosaur pointed him back toward his original mission—and to a deadly showdown with arch-villain Apocalypse!

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NN; ca. 1990Walt SimonsonMike Mignola