(Airwave, 2002-2003)
™ and © Airwave Comics

With Halloween approaching, writer Chris Yambar tells a humorously dark and twisted fairy tale about three sisters who are also witches — and their mischievous ways. The Little One, The Fat One, and The Ugly One (as they are known) go around turning people into hay, infecting them with the black plague, and performing other assorted devilish deeds.

Yambar’s dry, understated humor will have appeal for fans of his work on Bongo’s Bart Simpson Comics but will probably be more warmly welcomed by fans of his self-published series, Mr. Beat. And Mr. Beat fans will remember artist Levi Krause, whose crude but hilariously simple line work would entice fans of Sergio Aragonés’ Groo. This is a funny comic book with art to match, but it may not hold much interest for the casual comics fan with more mainstream tastes.

At the very least, this is a fun story that’s about as scary as a pre-school Halloween party: a refreshing change from the usual gothic supernatural horror that’s sure to be on the stands around the same time. Go ahead, buy a copy; it won’t bite.

— Jim Johnson

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ca. 2002  


2 copies available from $1.50
ca. 2003Chris YambarLevi Krause


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C.a. 2003; Black ChristmasChris YambarLevi Krause

Annual #1

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Spells and Pals Halloween Party; B&W; ca. 2003Chris YambarLevi Krause, Chris Schieffer, George Broderick Jr.