Wonder Woman: Donna Troy

    (DC, 1998)
™ and ©1998 DC Comics

This one-shot which came out as a part of DC’s “Girlfrenzy” event, focuses on Donna Troy, the former Wonder Girl; Troia; and Darkstar. Seeking help to sort out her life—which has been drastically affected by glitches in continuity since Crisis on Infinite Earths—Donna prays; she talks to God and to her late, estranged husband, Terry Long. While this more quiet moment is taking place, the story flashes back to a battle pitting Troia, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel against a modern-day version of the Nazi villain, the Red Panzer. As she prays in the present and fights in the past, Donna’s place as one of the most powerful, strong-willed heroes in the DC universe is solidified, and she knows that “[she’ll] be just fine.” This story by writer/artist Phil Jimenez (JLA/Titans) prepares Donna Troy to learn her true origin in the pages of Wonder Woman and to rejoin her friends as a member of the Titans.

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Versus Red Panzer; One-shot; GirlfrenzyPhil JimenezPhil Jimenez