Doctor Weird

    (Big Bang, 1994-1995)
™ and ©1994 Garry S. Carlson and Edward DeGeorge

Big Bang Comics, in association with Caliber Comics, publishes Caliber’s super-hero line of comic books. The company came up with the idea to simultaneously release stories about characters in the three major ages of comics, Golden, Silver, and Modern. In doing so, they strived to create believable characters that their fans could relate to.

Doctor Weird is Big Bang’s resident mystic character, akin to Marvel’s Doctor Strange. After accidentally being sent back in time from 2031 to 1941, Doctor Rex Ward was murdered. However, he wasn’t allowed entry into the after-life. Because he died before his time, he was given the identity of Dr. Weird and ordered to wander the planet until his time to die arrives. He has the ability to materialize into solid form and uses the power as he sees fit. A strange “voice” charges him with the duty to seek out and destroy criminals and lawless organizations until his actual death.

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B&WEd DeGeorgeDavid Zimmerman, Shawn Van Briesen


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B&WEd DeGeorgeBilly Hodge

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