Blood & Roses: Future Past Tense

 BRFT   (Sky, 1993)

™ and ©1993 Bob Hickey

Bob Hickey’s Blood & Roses: Future Past Tense is the first title from Sky Comics. It stars Christiana Blood, a woman warrior from the Middle Ages, and Tamara Rose, a policewoman from the future. They are brought together by the Time Lords (no relation to Doctor Who’s race) in order to fix problems with the timestream.

In Future Past Tense, this beautiful duo are sent to Cincinnatus, Ohio in the year 2210 so that they can recover a time shard. It’s far from an easy task, though, as they must deal with futuristic criminals, vengeful spirits, and a very sudden detour into the time of dinosaurs!

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4 copies available from $1.99
Silver logo regular editionBob HickeyBrad Gorby

#1 Ashcan Edition

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Ashcan editionBob HickeyBrad Gorby

#1 Gold Edition

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Gold logo promotional editionBob HickeyBrad Gorby


1 copy available for $1.99
 Bob Hickey, Brad Gorby, Joe MartinBrad Gorby, Jerry Foley, Bob Hickey