Teknophage Versus Zeerus

    (Big, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Big Entertainment, Inc.

This story begins before the events in Primortals (Vol. 1) (Leonard Nimoy’s…) #13.

Reptilian Mister Phage plans to add another world to his dominion. But in order to make contact with a being from Earth, he must first transport that person to a world halfway between Earth and Kalighoul. He chooses red-winged Zeerus, Lord-Governor of Achernar 3 and transports him away from a boring party. He offers Zeerus the position of General in the upcoming invasion, but Zeerus refuses, violently. Both of these evolved dinosaur-men survive and return to their worlds—Zeerus with a revived zest for life, but with Mister Phage intensely irritated. Stimulating environments and worthy opponents are hard to come by, so Mister Phage makes do in the contentment and joy he gets from the screams of his many subjects back home.

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