Hammer of God: Pentathlon

 HOGP   (Dark Horse, 1994)

Dark Horse

Mike Baron’s charming support cast from Nexus reappear in this one-shot special. It’s the 403rd Olympic Summer games, taking place on Mars this year. Top contenders in the Pentathlon are Thune’s Judah Maccabee, the hulking Jacques Bravo from Vulgaria (who lost 240 KG for the competition), and the dark horse candidate, Gunther Unguentine from Giz. Only these three expected to have what it takes in a grueling competition that consists of running, swimming, wrestling, cooking, and poetry.

The high-haired Judah is the odds-on favorite, but he’s not having an easy time with it. He has to somehow manage sports, product endorsements and a temperamental girlfriend (despite the Olympic competition, she won’t disclose her mother’s secret recipe for UFO tofu soufflé). To make things worse, there’s a band of terrorists from Judah’s old assassin’s guild who has taken up the nasty habit of pointing missiles at him.

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